Terms and Conditions

COURSE BOOKING: 1. Your initial booking confirms the date and time of your driving course, and will be confirmed in writing by The Best Intensive Ltd (the company). You may cancel your booking within 14 working days of receiving confirmation by writing to: The Best Intensive, 92 St Faiths Lane, Norwich, NR1 1NE. This notice must arrive before the course start date. Please note that letters are only received during office hours, i.e. Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm. For this cancellation policy to apply to courses booked to start within 14 working days, The Best Intensive must receive your agreement to confirm the booking. 1A. Once 14 days have elapsed after booking confirmation, the course booking deposit cannot be cancelled or amended without forfeiting the deposit booking fee. The exception to this is when 20 working days notice has been given in writing to the company at the address stated above.

DELIVERY: The Best Intensive courses are held over five consecutive days, daily one-to-one driving tuition with a DVSA (Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency) car instructor Monday to Friday 10:00am – 2:30pm, and theory tuition Monday to Wednesday 6:00pm – 8:30pm via Zoom. The one-to-one driving sessions will start and finish at the times detailed above, at your chosen pick up location. Attendees are responsible for their own transportation to and from these locations each day, ensuring that they arrive punctually. Any time lost by attendees arriving late, leaving early or missing days will not be refunded or made up by additional hours in lieu. Prior to course commencement, attendees are required to ensure that they are licensed appropriately to drive the tuition vehicle and able to read a number plate at a distance of 20.5 metres, with or without corrective aids. The Best Intensive reserves the right to use or substitute any instructor and/or vehicle to provide all or some of the tuition for both practical and theory for the duration of your course. If a female instructor has been requested, we will do our utmost to fulfil this request, but it cannot be guaranteed. If there is found to be negligence regarding the contracted instructor’s vehicle not meeting required safety and maintenance requirements, The Best Intensive shall have liability to the pupil under this agreement in the case of any injury, loss or damage arising from the use of this vehicle.

TRAINING: DVSA qualified instructors, using DVSA guidelines, deliver all course content. The course aims to give pupils a sound knowledge of the DVSA ‘learning to drive’ syllabus and achieve DVSA test standard. The Best Intensive does not guarantee that a pupil will achieve the standard required to pass a driving test upon completion of the course. Reaching the requisite standard is directly related to the pupil’s ability. Details of the standards required by the DVSA are published on their website. In the case of standards not being attained, further training can be arranged between pupil and instructor.

THEORY TEST: The Best Intensive includes a pre-booked DVSA theory test, usually taken on the final day of your course, i.e. Friday. We will communicate the exact details of its time and date on the first day of your course. Please visit the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency website to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of this test, which you will be expected to abide by. You must bring your plastic UK Provisional Driving Licence card to the test.

FREE THEORY RE-TRAINING: We provide free additional training to attain a theory test pass, should you need it. Additional training is held via Zoom during our normal theory training hours i.e. between 6:00pm and 8:30pm Monday to Wednesday.

DRIVING TEST: We do not include the practical test as part of our intensive driving course. A driving test can only be applied for once the theory test has been passed. A car is not supplied by the DVSA for use during the test. However, as part of your course fee, we include hire of one of our fleet cars for use during the test, a best intensive instructor and a pre-test practice drive of one hour before your test . There will be no fee for hiring for the first test booked and we’ll aim to ensure that you are provided with the same car used during training sessions. If this first test is cancelled by the DVSA and less than three day’s notice is given to us of the cancellation, we will not be able to provide a free hire car for the rearranged test. As per industry standards, we reserve the right to withdraw the use of a hire car should we believe that the driver poses a risk to it or the public. In this instance, we’ll provide the driver sufficient notice for an alternative to be arranged or the test cancelled without incurring the loss of their test fee.

CORRECTIONAL DRIVING LESSONS: In the circumstance of a pupil failing their practical test on their first, or subsequent attempts after successfully completing a Best Intensive driving course, they will be eligible for free correctional driving lessons. A Driving Test Report form (DL25) must be e-mailed to us within seven days of the test and the lessons will aim to correct the errors marked as serious or dangerous. These lessons will continue until the candidate feels confident enough to reapply for their test or the instructor has advised that these errors have been adequately resolved.

OFFERS: On occasion, The Best Intensive may promote special offers via their website and social media channels. Terms and conditions of these offers will also be published.

DATA PROTECTION: The Best Intensive’s own privacy policy can be found here.

COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE: Complaints about The Best Intensive or their instructors should be communicated initially via e-mail, during our normal office hours. Complaints will be recorded in writing and dealt with within five working days. Any complaints should be directed to us at the earliest possible opportunity in order that they may be resolved efficiently, and we must be given every opportunity to do so in a timely manner, i.e. whilst you are still undertaking the course. If required, we can discuss your progress with a third party, for example your parents, however in line with GDPR legislation, we cannot do so without your written permission.

The above terms do not limit The Best Intensive’s liability, resulting from negligence, nor do they affect statutory consumer rights.