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Intensive Driving Courses in Norwich, Norfolk

Learn to drive in as little as a week!

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Why Choose ‘Intensive’ Driving Tuition?

We believe that learning to drive through daily tuition over a short period of time is more time efficient – not just in terms of ‘elapsed time’, but in terms of how many hours of tuition will be required overall. The first half an hour of being behind the wheel for an inexperienced driver that hasn’t driven for a week is spent getting ‘back into the swing of things’ so 30 minutes of every weekly lesson is essentially wasted time. ‘Intensive’ (daily lessons) removes that inefficiency so twenty hours of ‘intensive’ tuition is significantly more valuable than twenty hours of weekly tuition, for example.

Why Choose The Best Intensive?


We provide the number of hours in your course at a rate of approximately four hours a day and cover everything you need to know to become a safe & competent driver in that time. With this approach you can learn to drive in just a matter of days!


We have created our very own Theory Training material for our students that we believe is outstanding in our industry. Not only that, but we host weekly Q&A sessions with a tutor to answer any questions and provide advanced knowledge to those seeking it.


Unlike many intensive driving-tuition companies, we continue to support our students even if they’re not ready for test after their course or they don’t pass first time. Additional tuition with the same instructor can continue as soon as the following week.


Practical tuition is delivered on a 1:1 basis with the same instructor all week to ensure a complete and consistent learning experience.

Car & Instructor for test included

The use of our instructor’s vehicle for our students to take their test in is included in the package, as is the instructor’s time to meet you and take you to and from your test.


There can be a long wait in getting a test with the DVSA that could result in a delay between your tuition and test. However, we can often find earlier tests to ensure our students can take their test just days after completing their tuition.

About Our Intensive Driving Courses

The primary Best Intensive driving course covers a comprehensive syllabus of elements of how to be a safe and competent driver over twenty hours, and, usually, five days. The twenty-hour practical driving course, delivered one-to-one, is suitable for complete beginners as well, of course, as those who already have some experience behind the wheel. Included in our package is access to our in-house theory training, access to Theory Test Pro for Hazard Perception training and an open invitation to weekly ‘Q&A’ online (Zoom) calls with one of our instructors giving our students every chance of passing their theory test (included in package) first time (and with distinction)! What’s more, The Best Intensive operate a service whereby we can secure driving tests significantly quicker than the standard DVSA waiting list meaning that our students can go for test as soon as they have reached test-standard. (Our record, so far, is 9 days after a 17th birthday!)

We also offer a ‘Top-Up’ course for those who have had at least twenty hours of tuition already.

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