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Things To Know (FAQs)

We strongly encourage you to read through the following ‘Questions & Answers’ if you are considering booking driving tuition of any sortHere we explain a lot about the processes we follow and the finer details around how our courses work. You should read this before you book a course with anyone!

  • Most of our students are ready to go for test at the end of their course, but not all. Those who are not ready usually only need a few more hours to get to test-standard, however. To achieve this, they can either spend some time practicing with a qualified driver (parent, partner, etc) and then come back for an assessment and test with their instructor or continue working with their instructor (as soon as the week after their course) to quickly reach test-readiness.
When you book with us, you will be granted access to our very own online training and provided with access to Theory Test Pro. We strongly encourage you to dive into that training with a view to passing your Theory Test ASAP. (When you feel you are ready to take your theory test, let us know and we’ll allocate you a test slot at your local theory-test centre within a couple of weeks, if not days.) As soon as you’ve passed your Theory Test, your Practical Test can be purchased from the DVSA. While the test-slot originally booked will probably be many months from now, we provide a service that will expedite that test, targeting the week after your intensive tuition. (Note, it is not imperative you pass your theory and get your practical test booked before your practical tuition, but if you don’t there could be a significant delay between completing your practical tuition and taking your practical test. The earlier you book a test, and we start ‘Fast-Tracking’ it, the more likely it is your test will follow shortly after your tuition.) Your practical tuition will run Monday* to Friday in the week you specified when booking. Each day you’ll be collected from your chosen pick-up point at a time pre-arranged with your instructor and have 4 hours of one-to-one driving tuition before being returned to your chosen drop-off point.
*On weeks containing a Bank Holiday Monday, the course is still twenty hours but condensed into four days, Tuesday to Friday.
Your instructor may ask you to have a slightly longer session one day to allow them to take another student to test and foreshorten your session on another day. You will always receive the full twenty hours of tuition.

Essentially, none! All practical driving tuition takes place on a strictly one-to-one basis, with the same instructor each day. You will complete the theory training online at your own pace, at a time and place that suits you. The only time you might ‘meet’ other students is on the Theory Q&A Zoom calls where anyone is able to ask questions (often ones that are useful to everyone present!) but you don’t have to speak or have your camera on, you can always just type your questions. 

Yes, of course! When you book you will be asked if you have a preference and, if you do, we’ll assign our instructors to students accordingly. If we already have more requests than we can comply with for the week you book, we’ll call you and discuss the available options.

Absolutely! We know that learning to drive can be a stressful experience and while we use the term ‘intensive’ to describe having many hours of tuition in one week, you can rest assured that your instructor will tailor their tuition to you and that the rate at which you need to learn on a daily basis is not really any greater than if you were to take the more ‘traditional’ approach to receiving tuition. In fact, as there is less time to forget things between lessons, having lessons condensed into a short period actually removes a lot of the stress and frustration from the process.

As soon as you’ve booked your intensive course with us, you can get started on your online theory lessons. Simply log in here, with your e-mail address and password use during booking and you’ll have immediate access to our video lessons. The videos cover topics you’ll be tested on during your theory test and you can watch them as many times as you need to. In addition to this, shortly after booking, we’ll send you a link to enable you to access our weekly Zoom support sessions with one of our instructors, and an invitation to another online resource where you can access and practise the entire theory question bank and hazard perception clips. We’ll be in touch to organise your theory test, which we encourage you to work towards taking in advance of your driving tuition week so your practical test can follow soon after your tuition.
(If you have already passed your theory test, you will still be automatically enrolled in access to the course material as it contains valuable advice that you should put into practice when driving and your instructor will expect you to have learnt and reviewed recently. Doing so, therefore, will make your chances of passing your test swiftly much greater.)

Don’t worry! You can just contact us and we’ll help you arrange another one.

Our instructors prioritise taking their students for tests and adjust tuition to fit around them. Your instructor will meet you at your agreed location one hour before your test and you will drive around to settle yourself in, ultimately driving yourself to the test centre. Your instructor will walk with you into the test-centre building to meet your examiner. Your instructor will typically remain at the test-centre leaving you with the examiner and this is the approach we recommend. Instructors are allowed to accompany their students if requested, but we find this tends to cause more distraction and is counter productive.
Hopefully your test will go well, and you will pass. Either way, you will not be allowed to drive away from the test-centre so your instructor will take you back to your chosen pick-up / set-down location.

No worries, it happens! Your instructor will discuss with you whether additional tuition is recommended or whether they think you were just caught out by something and therefore that additional tuition won’t really help you. If needed, they’ll arrange this with you. You will need to buy yourself another test and having done so you can let our HQ know the reference number of it and they will ‘Fast-Track’ it for you for a fee of £25.