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Instruct with The Best Intensive

“A very compelling proposition to driving instructors.”

Teaching people to drive can be rewarding – but as with all vocations there can be parts that are ‘less fun’! At The Best Intensive, we work hard to make sure our students have an excellent experience but we appreciate that ensuring that they do means our instructors need to love working with us too. To ensure this, we have a very compelling proposition to driving instructors across the UK but especially in Norfolk and the Bristol/Bath area where we’re already established… 

No Franchise Fee

We don't charge you to work with us. There's no franchise fee, no set-up fee, and no registration fee. In fact, there's nothing for you to pay to us at all. Ever. Nada! ZIP!!
You're paid directly by your student before delivering their tuition.

Guaranteed Payment Policy

No need to worry about last-minute cancellations or no-shows— we guarantee to pay you even if our mutual client lets us down.

No Long-term Commitment

There's no clause in our contracts that ties you into working with us long-term. We believe you will keep working with us simply because you want to.

No Weekend Work

We don't schedule tuition on weekends (or Bank Holidays) unless you want us to(?!) and we don't dictate your working hours— you arrange precisely when you deliver tuition to your student at times that are mutually convenient to you and them.

Your Diary As You Want It

We'll keep your diary as full as you wish, and reliably so. Better still; we minimise 'dead time' by having all tuition start and end at defined pick-up / set-down locations meaning no driving around to pick students up or take them home.

We Do The Admin

Our office team deal with all the complexities of the booking process and other ‘client engagement issues’ for you. All you need to do is communicate with your student to arrange their exact tuition schedule.

You Decide

We value the professionalism and experience of you as an instructor. You're an expert, and we trust your judgment, so you decide if a student is all set for their driving test when they’ve finished their course, or, if they could do with some extra tuition with you. There’s no pressure from us to rush students to test. If they could do with more tuition, we continue to support you and the student through the process of providing that extra tuition.

Borrow a Car

If your car has trouble, we can facilitate provision of another vehicle so you can carry on giving tuition.

Be Part of a Team

What’s more, you’ll be a part of a supportive and friendly team. Join your colleagues for scheduled lunch-breaks and regular socials.

Contact Us To Learn More

If you’d like to learn more about working with us, whether you’re an experienced instructor or are thinking of becoming one, please contact us – we’d be delighted to meet with you and tell you all about us!