Four Great Reasons to Choose an Intensive Course

There are lots of options to choose when you want to learn to drive.
Why choose an intensive course? Intensive courses are a brilliant option for lots of people. Here are just a few reasons why…

Why choose an intensive driving course: cost efficient

Cost Efficient

Intensive lessons are a cost efficient way to learn. The intensive nature of the course means that you won’t lose time, and therefore money, going over things you were taught many days ago, as you would with weekly lessons. The price of our course includes: driving tuition for five days; full theory training; the theory test fee; a short refresher lesson on the day of your driving test; a car for your driving test and any correctional tuition you may need. Find out about our course here.

Why choose an intensive driving course: busy lifestyle

Fits into a Busy Lifestyle

You’re busy – we understand. Our intensive course compresses tuition into a single week. You’ll be ready for your driving test in just five days rather than having to commit to months of weekly lessons before reaching this point. Our speedy driving test booking system gets you a test date up to 80% quicker than standard waiting lists. Therefore, not only will you be able to take your test much sooner, you’ll also do so while the training is still fresh in your mind.

Zoom theory training with The Best Intensive

Relaxed, blended learning

Don’t panic – it’s just the course that’s intense, not our instructors! They have endless patience; ensuring that the learning process is relaxed and stress-free. Find out more about our team here. Your driving tuition takes place on a 1-2-1 basis with the same instructor all week, whereas the theory training is delivered by specialist instructors in the evenings via Zoom – simply log in and study at home or wherever suits you best.
Why choose an intensive driving course: theory tuition

Theory and Test Included

Normally, driving lessons focus on the practical test, leaving you to manage the essential theory side yourself. Not ideal when you consider that passing your theory test is required before you can progress to the practical test. The Best Intensive course includes unlimited theory tuition and we even arrange the test for you! Our theory training is delivered by specialist instructors, via Zoom This means you can log in and study this part of the course from the comfort of your own home. What’s more, when you book our course, you’ll have access to a fast-tracked practical test.

What Our Students Think

At The Best Intensive, we’ve helped many students learn to drive by teaching them in five days. Read what they have to say here.